Understanding your secondary fertility signs

Understanding your secondary fertility signs

In addition to the primary fertility signs that may be checked (your basal body temperature and your cervical fluid), secondary fertility signs may also provide insight into your fertility status.

Secondary signs include:

•      Ovulation pain

•      Breast tenderness

•      Sex drive changes

•      Abdominal pain

•      Vulvar swelling

•      Lower back pain

•      Intermenstrual bleeding or spotting

•      Complexion changes

•      Anything else that you can associate with your cycle phases.

Secondary fertility signs can vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle and so they cannot be used to definitively identify and pinpoint your fertile window and ovulation.

They are useful for noting your own unique pattern and for cross-checking with your primary signs.

You may or may not notice additional fertility signs so don’t worry if you do not experience or cannot identify additional fertility signs.