Understanding your cervical fluid types

Understanding cervical fluid


Your cervical fluid will tell you when you are non-fertile and also fertile before ovulation. When you are most fertile, your cervical fluid is stretchy and resembles raw egg white. When you are trying to conceive, it is recommended you have intercourse whenever you observe this fertile quality cervical fluid.

Non-Fertile Cervical Fluid

Non-fertile cervical fluid is dry and scant or sticky and cannot be penetrated by sperm. The vagina is quite acidic and even hostile to sperm during this time.

Fertile cervical fluid

The most fertile cervical fluid looks and feels like raw egg white. It is slippery and may be stretched several inches between your fingers, it is usually clear and may be very watery and your vagina will feel wet and lubricated. Ovulation is most likely to occur on the last day that you observe fertile quality cervical fluid, but this day may not be the day where the most fertile cervical fluid is observed.

Typical cervical pattern

  1. After menstruation a dry vaginal sensation and little or no cervical fluid.
  2. Then after a few days of dryness a cervical fluid that is best described as "sticky" or "pasty" but not wet.
  3. Following these "sticky" days cervical fluid that is "creamy". This fluid may be white, yellow or beige in colour and has the look and feel of lotion or cream. At this point the vagina may feel wet and this indicates possible increased fertility.
  4. Then the most fertile cervical fluid will occur that is watery and that looks and feels like raw egg white and may be stretched several inches between your fingers.