Where to buy fertility friendly makeup, beauty, personal hygiene and household products?

Where to buy fertility friend products when doing your environmental detox

When you detoxify your environment to get rid of all the chemical nasties you are putting into and on your body to make it more fertility friendly, you're going to want to know what products you replace everything with including where to get:

  • Skin care products - natural acne treatments, cleansers, moisturisers, toners, serums, masks, eye-creams and skin care packs.
  • Makeup - primers, concealer, tinted moisturiser, foundation, lip gloss/balms, organic lipstick, eye makeup, blush, bronzer, nail polish and nail polish remover and makeup tools and brushes.
  • Body care products - deodorant, soap, body wash, body lotions and oils, lip balm, perfume, hair removal, mosquito repellent, toothpaste and dental, organic pads, tampons and cups and men's grooming.
  • Fake tan
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair care - natural colour and dyes, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, natural brushes and hair tools.
  • Health products - inner health products, greens powders, protein powders, supplements, superfoods, sleep support, sexual health, natural medicine cabinet and blue light filtering glasses.
  • Home - water bottles, coffee cups, plastic free food storage, natural cleaning products, natural laundry products, water filters and essential oils and diffusers.
  • Natural clothing
  • Children - newborn, natural formula, lactation cookies, natural hair and lice control.

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If there is anything you currently use on your body or as part of your health or hygiene regime, you can find a natural, toxin and chemical free, organic and hormone and fertility friendly option at Nourished Life.

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