What investigations or diagnostic tests should you or could you have done?


When it comes to investigating the cause of infertility or frequent miscarriages there are standard checks and tests that fertility doctors will perform. If you are not getting any answers and/or you want to investigate further, there are tests that you can arrange privately through a nutritionist or naturopath via an independent provider. Below is a list of standard and optional tests that can help you to narrow down what might be happening with your general health, nutrition status, hormones, gut health as well as male specific tests. This list is comprehensive, but not conclusive. It is a good place to start to help you to identity what might have been missed and other diagnostic tests that you may want to explore based on your individual circumstances.

If you answer ‘no’ to any of the questions below, these are tests that you might want to consider now or in the future if appropriate.

  1. Have you had physical examinations done of your reproductive organs to look for structural problems that may be preventing implantation or blockages in your fallopian tubes or that could be stopping the egg or sperm progressing, for example a Hysterosalpingogram, Hystero-Contrast Sonography, Laparoscopy or Hysteroscopy?
  2. Have you and your partner been checked for all sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD’s or STI’s) and all genito-urinary infections (GUI’s) that affect the urinary tract and genitals, for example pelvic inflammatory disease, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella), trichomonas, cytomegalovirus (CMV), mycoplasma and ureaplasma, candida albicans (thrush), syphilis, rubella, genital herpes and human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS)?
  3. Have you been checked for endometriosis?
  4. Have you both had a full blood count in the last 6 months to check general health status?
  5. Have you had hormone testing done?
  6. Have you had a PCOS check?
  7. Have you had an ovulation check?
  8. Have you had an ovarian reserve check?
  9. Have you had a menopause check?
  10. Have you had an MTHFR check?
  11. Have you had your thyroid tested?
  12. Have you had an insulin or diabetes check?
  13. Have you had a Coeliac check?
  14. Have you had a gut health check?
  15. Have you had a leaky gut check?
  16. Have you had a FODMAP check?
  17. Have you had checks for intestinal parasites etc.?
  18. Have you had food intolerance or allergy testing?
  19. Have you had a Methylation cofactors check?
  20. Have you had a homocysteine check?
  21. Have you had an autoimmune check?
  22. Have you had an adrenal stress check?
  23. Have you had a nutrition check to find out your nutritional status and whether you have any nutrient deficiencies?
  24. Have you had a hair mineral analysis to check your nutrient status and the heavy metal levels in your body?
  25. In the last 6 months have you had the following tested, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D and Folate?
  26. Have you had an essential fatty acids check?
  27. Have you had a copper to zinc ratio check?
  28. Has your male partner had a semen analysis done?
  29. Has your male partner had a sperm DNA fragmentation test done?
  30. Has your male partner had hormone testing done?
  31. Has your male partner had physical checks checking for example, blockages, damage or varicocele infections?



Investigation Assessment .pdf