CONSULTATION 6 - Environment assessment and consultation 6

If you are having a consultation with me, please download and complete the assessment, email it to me at [email protected] and I will contact you to book in your consultation.


Our environment is increasingly exposing us to more and more chemicals and toxins that could be harming our health and fertility. Not only is our environment a concern but a lot of our food contains pesticide, hormones and additives in the form of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Our jobs and homes may be sources of chemical exposure and even the makeup and personal hygiene products we put on our body can contain harmful ingredients that are absorbed through the skin. When you’re trying to conceive you want to remove as many chemicals and toxins from your environment as possible to minimise your exposure. Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors which impact hormone balance and health. The good news is that there are lots of natural alternatives and ways to live a more natural, chemical free lifestyle when trying to conceive or when pregnant.

If you tick ‘yes to most of these questions, then these are areas you can address to make your environment more fertility friendly.  

  1. Do you eat mainly non-organic food?
  2. Do you eat tinned or canned food more than once a week?
  3. Do you eat fish higher up in the food chain such as tuna, swordfish, shark, orange roughy or barramundi more than once a month?
  4. Do you drink unfiltered tap water?
  5. Do you drink bottled water in plastic containers, or do you use a plastic water bottle?
  6. Do you drink soft drinks or alcohol in aluminium cans more than once a month?
  7. Do you drink decaffeinated coffee?
  8. Do you use non-stick or Teflon cookware?
  9. Do you use a microwave?
  10. Do you store, heat or freeze foods in plastic containers?
  11. Do you use makeup?
  12. Do you use tinted or coloured lipstick?
  13. Do you use an antiperspirant?
  14. Do you dye your hair?
  15. Do you use teeth-whitening products?
  16. Do you use perfume?
  17. Do you use cleaning products that contain fragrances?
  18. Do you use laundry powder or liquid, or dishwashing powder or liquid that contains fragrances?
  19. Do you dry clean your clothes?
  20. Do you use air fresheners?
  21. Do you use any products on your body or for personal hygiene reasons that contain chemicals or fragrances?
  22. Do you use any products in your environment (car, garden or home etc.) that may contain chemicals or toxins, for example herbicides or pesticides?
  23. Do you live within 1 kilometer of a farm that uses pesticides?
  24. Do you live within 200 meters of heavy traffic?
  25. Does your job expose you to any chemicals or toxins for example paints, glues, dyes or other chemical substances?
  26. Have you in the past, or do you know if you are currently exposed to any heavy metals?
  27. Have you recently or in the past 6 months renovated a house, painted a house, bought new furniture, installed new carpet, bought a new car or do you plan to do any of this when trying to become pregnant?
  28. Do you watch television or use social media (or any screen time) for more than 2 hours a day?
  29. Do you live within 600 meters to or next to (you can see them), any high voltage power lines, pylons or mobile phone towers?
  30. Do you regularly carry your mobile phone in your pockets or close to your reproductive organs?
  31. Do you use laptops or tablets on your lap or near your reproductive organs?
  32. Do you recharge your mobile phone on your bedside table at night while you asleep?
  33. Do you have any appliances within 2 meters of your bed including your mobile, a cordless phone, digital clock radio, wireless router, Bluetooth or wireless devices, remote controls, television, laptop, or tablets)?
  34. Do you use an electric blanket?
  35. Do you regularly swim in a swimming pool?
  36. Do you have a fuse box, smart meter or meter panel close to your bedroom (check the outside of your house)?
  37. Do you fly regularly?
  38. Female: Do you use tampons?
  39. Has it been at least 6 or more months since you were on the pill or any hormonal based medication?
  40. Male: Do you use sauna’s, steam rooms, have hot baths or use heated car seats?
  41. Male: Do you cycle daily or regularly?

Environmental Assessment.pdf