Hi, I'm Melanie and I'm a naturopath, nutritionist, trained teacher in natural fertility education, trainer, Pilates and Hypnobirthing instructor and female body building and body recomposition coach. Welcome, I offer lots of programs in the areas I specialise in and make sure you follow me on social media for lots of free coaching videos, tips and advice. If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]

Programs and Services

Natural fertility - Fertility diet and nutrition (Keto, Mediterranean and wholefoods), pre-conception health care, preparing for IVF/ART, fertility awareness method (FAM), diagnostic testing, lifestyle change, weight loss to boost fertility & exercise for fertility and during medical treatments.

Pregnancy health - Pregnancy nutrition, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy Pilates and Hypnobirthing.

Post-natal healing and recovery - Post-natal nutrition and exercise for healing and recovery, pelvic floor and abdominal rehab and post-natal weight loss.

Fat loss & body recomposition - Nutrition for fat loss and body recomposition, exercise and female bodybuilding competition preparation (bikini and fitness in natural federations) and post competition reverse dieting and support programs.

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